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Symbol of MPB

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Maritime and Port Bureau,MOTC

Three blue stripes symbolize “waves” and represent the open and all-encompassing mindset of MPB. MPB is formed by the staffs from the original four Harbor Bureaus, staffs from the formerMaritime Affairs Department of the Directorate General of Customs, and the newly recruitedqualified civil servants. They work together seeking common grounds with respect for differences and dedicate themselves to becoming the high-quality providers of maritime services. They lead the
shipping industries into sustainable development. “Waves” also symbolize the ocean, representing the courage of MPB charging forward to bring the Nation’s maritime and port services into the

The gradient blue colors give the viewers a refreshing feel and  convey the quality of steadfastness and sound logic. The color of blue gives people the feeling of openness, vastness, profoundness, stability and calmness. These are consistent with the goals of MPB in its  avigation of the Nation’s maritime policies and its efforts in enhancing the international competitiveness of the nation’s ports.

The three tones of blue represent MPB with the following implied meaning: navy blue represents acute observation and the drive for action; sky blue represents endless innovativeness and dedication; and light blue represents the new culture and open-mindedness of MPB in its new organizational form.

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