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Functions of the Port Bureau

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Release date: 2016-03-09 | View count: 6532 | Maintenance unit: Planning Division | Last Verify Time: 2024-05-03 | Last Modified: 2021-04-01

●Drafting of related legislation, administration policies, and development plans of sea shipping industry, vessel, maritime labor, maritime affair and commercial port.

●Planning, implementation, and supervision of shipping industry, vessel inspection institutions, maritime labor and vessel operating training institutions and commercial port operation businesses.

●Planning, implementation, and supervision of the cooperation of international sea shipping, joint operation institutions and maritime order management.

●Planning, implementation, and supervision of vessel inspection and measurement, registration and navigation safety.

●Planning, implementation, and supervision of maritime labor and vessel operation training, license issuance and examination administration.

●Planning, implementation, and supervision of maritime affairs and piloting operations.

●Supervision of commercial ports and port area free trade zones, and construction management of public infrastructures.

●Planning, construction, maintenance, supervision, and management of aids to navigation and promotion of navigation safety.

●Collection, compilation, and implementation of international sea shipping regulations, treaties, agreements, and norms and standards.

●Planning, implementation, and supervision of other port related affairs.

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