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Release date: 2020-05-05 | View count: 9650 | Maintenance unit: Information Management Office | Last Verify Time: 2024-06-11 | Last Modified: 2024-06-06

Application for the Use of Non-Domestic Working Vessels in the Construction of Offshore Wind Power Generation Facilities in Taiwan




Northern Region

02-89783581 Northern Region E-mail

Central Region

04-23692448 Central Region E-mail

Southern Region

07-2620537 Southern Region E-mail

Eastern Region

03-8509031 Eastern Region E-mail

Business Classification

Contact Number


Information on vessels in wind farm operations

02-89782878 Vessel Management Division E-mail

Information on offshore wind farm seafarers

02-89782644 Seafarers Administration Division E-mail

Information onapplication of the Shipping Act for the transportation of passengers and cargoes in wind farms

02-89785744 Maritime Affairs Division E-mail

Information related to lighthouses

02-89786801 Maritime Safety Division E-mail

Reporting operations for entry into and exit from offshore wind farms

02-89786254 Port Affairs Division E-Mail

Wind farms and aids to navigation

02-89786810 Maritime Safety Division E-mail

Maritime disaster reports

02-89781419 Maritime Safety Division E-mail

Changhua VTS

04-26563113 Changhua VTS E-mail

Changhua Wind Farm Shipping Lane Regulations

02-89786491 Maritime Safety Division E-mail
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